• Server Access MOD VGA USB

    Server Access MOD VGA USB

    Server connectivity for VGA and USB to DCX Series KVM Matrix Switch. Supports one video display with pixel clocks up to 165 MHz (1920 x 1200 at 60 Hz or WUXGA maximum resolution). Second monitors can be added within web interface configuration. Shielded...

  • CAT6 A B Switch Latching

    CAT6 A B Switch Latching

    Has an Ethernet network interface that can be used to control the switch port connection state, as well as monitor switch status via a web browser, telnet, or using SNMP. Durable and reliable. Tested to 1000000 cycles Manual control of the switch port...

  • Gb PoE MED CONV MM .3km LC

    Gb PoE MED CONV MM .3km LC

    Connect with fiber and provide power to remote PoE devices. Copper port auto negotiates for network speed and features Auto MDI-X for easy cabling. LEDs indicate when it is feeding PoE power as well as when power is interrupted. RoHS compliant. Connect...



    Extend DisplayPort 4K30 and USB 2.0, 100-meters over CATx. The Black Box DisplayPort Extender is a high-performance KVM extender that enables you to locate your critical computing hardware in a secure and temperature-controlled environment away from the...

  • USB Crash Cart Adapter

    USB Crash Cart Adapter

    No KVM console in your server room? No problem. Plug a laptop into the server for quick BIOS-level control. Remedying a server problem in a room without a local user console used to mean wheeling in the "crash cart" a rolling cart loaded with a keyboard...

  • 1 PT 4kV USB USB Isolator

    1 PT 4kV USB USB Isolator

    Protect USB devices against electrical noise, surges, and spikes. Isolates up to 4 kV - strong enough for hospital and medical use. USB 1.1 compliant. Includes 1-meter (3.3-ft.) USB cable. Just plug this tiny isolator in line between your PC and a USB...

  • C6 550 UTP PVC PR 1000' PB

    C6 550 UTP PVC PR 1000' PB

    ETL Verified CAT6 cable. GigaTrue CAT6 550-MHz Solid Bulk Cable (UTP) is designed for use in high-performance data and digital video networks and other high-speed high bandwidth applications. It offers a great deal of headroom over the specification...

  • Gb ETH MED CONV SM 12km ST

    Gb ETH MED CONV SM 12km ST

    Extend LAN reach with fiber media converters. Easy installation and transparent operation no software required. Enables you to send data much farther and more securely than what's possible for copper Ethernet. Auto negotiates for speed to achieve the...



    Save valuable workspace and control two USB-C enabled computers using a single DisplayPort monitor, mouse, and keyboard. The 2-Port USB-C 4K KVM Switch allows total control of two USB-C enabled computers to share multiple USB peripherals (four HID...

  • Black 5 8"x15' Bundle Wrap

    Black 5 8"x15' Bundle Wrap

    Wrap and roll cable management at your fingertips! Keep your cables organized with hook and loop wrap. Webbed tabs enable you to secure and release cables quickly. Hold cables tightly without pinching or sliding. Cut clutter and keep cable runs tidy.