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  • 8port Dual Displayport Secure

    8port Dual Displayport Secure

    IOGEAR 8-Port Dual View DisplayPort Secure KVM series are NIAP-certified and compliant with NIAP PP3.0 (Protection Profile for Peripheral Sharing Switch version 3.0) requirements, satisfying the latest security requisites set by the U.S. Department of...

  • KVM Switch 8 Port CATX

    KVM Switch 8 Port CATX

    High-end, multiplatform KVM switching over CATx with remote access. Shared local and remote user console. Stereo audio support. CATx cabling means you can cascade 31 CPUs in 1U. Flash upgradeable. A 16-port version is also available. Add PS/2(r) USB or...

  • 8PT II KM Switch

    8PT II KM Switch

    Get fast, reliable switching between eight computers by moving a mouse from screen to screen. The Freedom II KM Switch with Glide & Switch enables a single user to easily access information and control operations across the computer systems and monitors...

  • 1x8 4K HDMI Splitter

    1x8 4K HDMI Splitter

    Distribute 4K HDMI video resolutions and audio to eight displays. The 4K 1 x 8 HDMI Splitter enables HDMI video and audio distribution from one source to eight displays. Advanced EDID functionality enables the switch to read and copy EDID automatically...

  • KVM Matrix Switch, 10 Port

    KVM Matrix Switch, 10 Port

    A flexible 10 port KVM Matrix which can be re-configured to match your exact requirements. Small yet powerful Small in size but large in features and performance the DCX Digital KVM Matrix Switch is an ideal solution for process monitoring and control...

  • 8 Port Single Head DP HDMI

    8 Port Single Head DP HDMI

    Created to deliver a streamlined user experience when working across security enclaves, Belkin's Universal 2nd Gen Secure KVM switches are designed to meet the latest in Common Criteria and NIAP Protection Profile for Peripheral Switching Devices version...