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  • Vive Wrist Tracker Focus 3

    Vive Wrist Tracker Focus 3

    This lightweight and versatile VR tracker is designed to work with VIVE Focus 3. Wear it on your wrist for enhanced hand tracking, or attach it to real-world objects to track them in your virtual environment.

  • VIVE Focs 3 Eye Tracker

    VIVE Focs 3 Eye Tracker

    An insightful add-on: Unlock new data insights with the VIVE Focus 3 Eye Tracker the ideal accessory for a more immersive and natural virtual experience. Take advantage of eye tracking for a heightened level of VR immersion and eye-movement analytics...

  • VR Disposable Hygiene Mask

    VR Disposable Hygiene Mask

    100 count. The Disposable Hygiene Mask limits direct contact between the HMD and skin, helping to prevent the transfer of sweat, hair, and cosmetics from user to product, or between users. Well suited for multi-user environments including events,...

4 of 4 Items