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  • Wireless HDMI Extender Kit

    Wireless HDMI Extender Kit

    5GHz wireless technology reliably extends/splitter HDMI signals up to 656ft away with IR remote control, one to one & up to four RX connection, 1080p resolution,5G channel auto-scan ensures the strongest interference free signal for crystal clear video...

  • Wireless HDMI Extender RX

    Wireless HDMI Extender RX

    Receives 1080p HDMI A/V signals wirelessly without complicated cable or wire installation, working range up to 656ft through line-of-sight environment, Receiver for CE-H27611-S1

  • 5x1 4k60 Quad MultiViewer

    5x1 4k60 Quad MultiViewer

    Simultaneously view four 4K60 4:4:4 video sources on one display. Ideal for conference rooms control rooms and classrooms the Quad Multiviewer gives you an incredibly easy way to simultaneously view four video sources on one display in real-time with no...

  • 4 Port VGA Video Splitter

    4 Port VGA Video Splitter

    This 4port VGA Splitter allows a PC to display to as many as 4 monitors simultaneously. Supports 350MHz video bandwidth and display resolutions of up to 2048x1536 @80Hz. Features builtin booster circuit for connection up to 200ft from video source.

  • HDMI Over IP Extender Kit - ST12MHDLAN

    HDMI Over IP Extender Kit - ST12MHDLAN

    Extend HDMI over IP using standard UTPSTP networking equipment ? Extend to multiple displays using additional Receiver Units HDMI Extender HDMI over Ethernet HDMI over Cat6 HDMI over LAN HDMI over Cat 6 Extender up to 330 ft (100m)

  • 1x2 4K HDMI Splitter

    1x2 4K HDMI Splitter

    4K HDMI 2-Port Video Splitter, 1x2 HDMI Splitter, Powered by USB or Power Adapter, 4K 30Hz Split an HDMI audio/video source to two separate HDMI Displays, with support for HDMI 4K, and Power through a nearby USB port..

  • 2 Port VGA Video Splitter

    2 Port VGA Video Splitter

    This two Port VGA Video Splitter allows a computer to display VGA video from a single source on two monitors simultaneously supporting 300MHz video bandwidth and display resolutions of up to 2048x1536.

  • VGA Video Extender over Cat5

    VGA Video Extender over Cat5

    This VGA over Cat 5 video extender allows you to connect up to four (two local and two remote) monitors to a single PC extending the signal over Cat5 cable at distances of up to 150m500ft between the VGA source and the intended displays.

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