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  • Datavac AntiStatic CleanSystem

    Datavac AntiStatic CleanSystem

    Datavac/3 ESD anti-static computer/electronic cleaning system. Metro DataVac/3 Anti-Static, ESD safe 1.7 Peak H.P. Vacuum/Blower with 4 Stage HEPA filter. Includes: Anti-Static 3'-6' Stretch Hose, Crevice Tool, Dust Brush, "TechniStatic" grounding wrist...

  • DataVac 2 ESD Safe System

    DataVac 2 ESD Safe System

    DataVac 2 ESD Safe System - Whether you work at the office or in your home the DataVac 2 ESD keeps your technological gear running smoothly and efficiently. Expertly traps toner, dirt and allergens into a sealed filtered bag. Its multi-layered HEPA...

  • Metro Datavac 3

    Metro Datavac 3

    DataVac/3 METRO DATAVAC/3TA Black Body/Black Attachments. Includes: Deluxe Power Unit (1.17PHP Motor) Assembled with Toner Filter Disposable Bag, Permanent Cloth Bag, Cord Storage Halo, 6' Flexible Hose, 2-20' Extension Wands, Pik-All Nozzle, Powerizer,...

4 of 4 Items