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  • Rechrgble Clamping Work Light

    Rechrgble Clamping Work Light

    The CL1170R Yellow Jacket 1700 Lumen LED Rechargeable Clamping Work Light features a 1700 lumen flood light. With high-low mode options, simply switch the power button to alternate between high and low output modes. The CL1170R Clamping Work Light...

  • DE 1000W Hal.Twin Head Tripod

    DE 1000W Hal.Twin Head Tripod

    Southwire / Desingers Edge L14SLED - 1,000 Watt Halogen 2-in-1 Twin Head Tripod Work light, Telescopes with Easy Grip locking nuts, Portable sled base and tripod base included, Comfort Grip heavy duty handle, Easy grip turn locking nuts, Two...

  • SL20RSW Rech LED Fold Light

    SL20RSW Rech LED Fold Light

    The Southwire SL20RSW 200-Lumen rechargeable folding LED handheld flood light provides light where you need it most. The 360 pivoting head allows you to direct your light in any direction making this lamp versatile and convenient. There are four light...

4 of 4 Items