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  • DE LED Motion Solar Wall Post

    DE LED Motion Solar Wall Post

    Southwire / Desingers Edge L954 - LED Motion Activated Solar Wall or Post Light with Long lasting super bright LED and Amorphous Solar Panel. 180 Motion Detector. 3 x 1.2V - 600mah rechargeable batteries included. Up to 90 60 second cycles on a full...

  • YJ Rechargeable Handheld Light - HL1040R

    YJ Rechargeable Handheld Light - HL1040R

    The HHL1040R Yellow Jacket 400 Lumen LED Rechargeable Handheld Light features a 40-400 lumen flood light and 80 lumen spot light. With a smooth dimming function, simply hold the power button down to switch between high and low output modes. The HHL1040R...

  • YJ Rechargeable Work Light

    YJ Rechargeable Work Light

    The WL1010R Yellow Jacket 1000 Lumen LED Rechargeable Work Light features a 1000 lumen flood light. Easily recharge your devices with the built-in auxiliary USB port (up to 1A) while on-site. With a high-low mode, simply press the power button to switch...

4 of 4 Items