• 12,000 BTU Air Conditioner

    12,000 BTU Air Conditioner

    Commercial Cool 12,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner. 12.0 CEER. Full Function remote control. Electronic controls with digital Display. Adjustable thermostat control, sleep mode & energy saver feature. Removable, washable filter; White.

  • 22" Remote Tower Heater

    22" Remote Tower Heater

    Warm-up with this Ceramic Tower Heater with Remote Control by Lasko. Attractive, yet performance packed, this heater will release 1500 watts of comforting heat throughout any room or home office. Featuring, AutoEco, an automatic electronic thermostat...

  • Full Circle Ceramic Heater

    Full Circle Ceramic Heater

    The Full Circle Warmth ceramic heater from Lasko provides extended comfort with patented blower Technology for enhanced heat penetration. The 22" height and 3 heat sweep settings (90 , 170 and full 360 ) project heat around your room. Large digital...

  • 16" Tower Heater with Remote

    16" Tower Heater with Remote

    This compact Electronic Ceramic Heater with Remote Control by Lasko is versatile enough to fit nicely on a table or floor. Ceramic heat adds quick warmth with fan-powered delivery while its widespread oscillation evenly disperses 1500 watts of soothing...

  • 16" Ceramic Tower Heater

    16" Ceramic Tower Heater

    This powerful ceramic space heater from Lasko is ideal for tabletop or floor use. With 1500 watts of comforting warmth, this small heater will make you feel cozier and more comfortable in your home office, living room, bedroom almost any room in the home...

  • Cyclonic Ceramic Remote Htr

    Cyclonic Ceramic Remote Htr

    Lasko s cyclonic ceramic space heaters provide 1500 watts of comforting warmth with even heat distribution throughout your space. Direct the warm airflow where you need it most with fully-adjustable louvers. Featuring a space-saving design, these heaters...

  • Ceramic Bathroom Space Heater

    Ceramic Bathroom Space Heater

    The Bathroom Heater & Fan by Lasko was designed especially for warming up chilly bathrooms and more. Plus, it has a fan-only mode to help circulate air for all-season comfort. This ceramic bathroom heater and fan is equipped with an ALCI plug, for safe...

  • 30  Tower Heater with Remote

    30 Tower Heater with Remote

    Quickly warm-up with a Lasko Digital Ceramic Tower Heater with Remote Control. This heater is designed with an elongated heating element to distribute 1500 watts of soothing warmth. Easy-to-operate Comfort Select controls run a digital thermostat, 8 hour...

  • All Season Tower Fan Heater

    All Season Tower Fan Heater

    All Season Comfort Control Tower Fan & Space Heater in One by Lasko is the ideal solution to provide year-round comfort. The top half of this slim, hybrid model is a high-reaching fan, which creates a cooling breeze with 4 quiet speeds (high, medium,...

  • HW 360 Surrnd Fan Frcd Htr Gry

    HW 360 Surrnd Fan Frcd Htr Gry

    The Honeywell 360 Fan Forced Heater has 360 degree Surround Heat Technology for all around heat output. It has fan forced wire heating technology with 1500 watt output. This unit exceeds Industry Safety Standards; it has 360 safety tip protection -...