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  • HDMI to DVI Cable 10 Pack

    HDMI to DVI Cable 10 Pack

    1.8m/6ft 10 Pack HDMI male to DVI-Digital (19-pin) male cable; Full HD 1920x1200p 60Hz/1080p/Single link/3.9 Gbps bandwidth/24 Bpp (RGB) color depth -Durable PVC jacket/strain relief; for Commercial environments - 28AWG wire/gold-plated...

  • Computer Repair Tool Kit

    Computer Repair Tool Kit

    The Computer Repair Tool Kit from Cables To Go is designed for your computer installations. All the necessary tools are included for connecting and repairing peripherals at your computer site. This quality tool kit comes at an affordable price.

  • Workstation Repair Tool Kit

    Workstation Repair Tool Kit

    The Workstation Repair Tool Kit from Cables To Go includes a wide assortment of quality basic tools. These tools will allow the technician to perform all of the basic repairs on computers and workstations.

6 of 6 Items