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  • Network Dataline Surge

    Network Dataline Surge

    Designed to enhance the performance of networked equipment, protecting against the harmful effects of lightening, electrostatic discharge and ground surges. RJ45 100 & 10Base-T, token ring, AS400/Sys3x, RS422 (wires 1-8) for NICS, terminals, hubs, etc.

  • RJ45 Data Line Surge

    RJ45 Data Line Surge

    APC ProtectNet standalone surge protector for 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet lines... Protects an Ethernet data port from damaging surges. Compatible with Power over Ethernet (PoE) and 10/100/1000 Base-T networks.

  • Network Dataline DB25 Surge

    Network Dataline DB25 Surge

    Tripp Lite's DB25-ALL offers dataline surge suppression for any DB25 serial port, regardless of cable configurations. Connects and protects all 25 pins plus D shell chassis for universal protection of any DB25 application. User configurable for use with...

  • 4120J 12 Out Home Office Surge

    4120J 12 Out Home Office Surge

    4120J;RJ45/RJ11;DSS;12OT 8 CRD;100K;SFCV;CBMGT;RT. This Belkin Home / Office Series Surge Protector provides premium power protection for both home and professional workstations, and all connected devices. Using advanced design elements, top-quality...

  • Surge Module for CAT6 CAT5 5e

    Surge Module for CAT6 CAT5 5e

    APC Surge Module for CAT6 or CAT5/5e Network Line, Replaceable, 1U, use with PRM4 or PRM24 Chassis. Protects an ethernet data port from damaging transients. Supports Cat5, Cat5E and Cat6 cabling standards. Compatible with Power Over Ethernet (POE) and...

  • Network Dataline DB9 Surge

    Network Dataline DB9 Surge

    Network Dataline DB9 surge protects RS-232 DB9 serial ports. Tripp Lite's DB9 offers dataline surge suppression for DB9 serial ports of data terminal and data communications equipment, including PCs, printers, modems and more. User configurable for use...

8 of 8 Items