• 2 Pt DisplayPort KVM

    2 Pt DisplayPort KVM

    TAA compliant 4 port DP USB KVM switch - 2 port KVM controls up to 2 multimedia computers from one DisplayPort workstation - DisplayPort 1.2 KVM switch supports resolutions up to 4K 60Hz - Supports 3.5mm stereo audio or microphone - Integrated 2 port USB...

  • 2Port 4K DisplayPort KVMSwitch

    2Port 4K DisplayPort KVMSwitch

    Featuring a revolutionary combination of 4K DCI resolution and enhanced user-friendly operation, IOGEAR's 2-Port 4K DisplayPort KVMP Switch with Dual Video Out and RS-232 provides the latest innovations in DisplayPort KVM technology. Connect your...

  • 2 Port USB HDMI KVM Switch

    2 Port USB HDMI KVM Switch

    The SV231HDMIUA 2-port USB HDMI KVM Switch lets you control two USB enabled multimedia computers or devices with HDMI video interfaces using a single peripheral set console (USB keyboard mouse monitor speakers and microphone.).

  • 2 port DVI KVM Switch TAA

    2 port DVI KVM Switch TAA

    IOGEAR's GCS1644 2-Port Dual View DVI KVMP Switch marks a leap in KVM functionality by combining IOGEAR's Display Emulation Technology with the widescreen graphics resolution of today's 30+ inch monitors, supporting Dual View / Dual Link DVI, 2560 x 1600...

  • 2 Port HDMI Cable KVM Switch

    2 Port HDMI Cable KVM Switch

    Control two HDMI USB equipped PCs with a single monitor keyboard mouse and audio peripheral set. Dual Port HDMI KVM Switch with Audio and Remote Switch.

  • 2 Port  4K HDMI Vide

    2 Port 4K HDMI Vide

    2-Port HDMI Automatic Video Switch - 4K with Fast Switching Switch between two HDMI sources on a single HDMI display, with 4K video resolution and fast switching for minimal disruption.