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  • Steam InhalerRespiratory Vapor

    Steam InhalerRespiratory Vapor

    The Steam Inhaler Respiratory Vapor Therapy System provides natural, hot steam inhalation therapy to help relieve symptoms due to: allergies, bronchitis, colds, flu, laryngitis, rhinitis, sinusitis and more. It operates with tap or distilled water and...

  • Deluxe Finger Pulse Oximeter

    Deluxe Finger Pulse Oximeter

    Veridian Healthcare 11-50D Deluxe Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Blood Oxygen Level Monitor safely monitors oxygen levels and pulse rate. One-button operation suitable for wide range of finger sizes from pediatric to adult. Dual color OLED display with...

  • SmartHeart Pulse Oximeter

    SmartHeart Pulse Oximeter

    Veridian Healthcare SmartHeart Pulse Oximeter safely monitors oxygen levels and pulse rate with one-button operation. Accurately measures oxygen saturation of arterial hemoglobin and pulse rate; Accomodates a wide range of finger sizes; Large LCD display...

  • Infrared TouchFree Thermometer

    Infrared TouchFree Thermometer

    Veridian Healthcare Touch-free Infrared Thermometer. One Second readout; Proven clinically accurate; Measures body and object/liquid temperatures; Body temp taken at forehead; Comparable to oral readings; Backlit display; Memory recall of last 30...

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