Logitech VC

  • 10M Extender Cable

    10M Extender Cable

    Logitech Meet Up 10M extended cable for expansion Mic. 10M (32.8') cable length, Single-cable, conduit-routable design, Designed and engineered by Logitech for use with Logitech Group, Cable...

  • 25M Strong USB 3.1 Cable

    25M Strong USB 3.1 Cable

    Logitech 25M Strong USB 3.1 Cable. With up to 8x the reach of ordinary USB 3.x cables, Logitech Strong USB lets you separate USB peripherals and a host PC by up to 25 meters. The aramid-reinforced...

  • Astro MixAmp Pro TR Play 4/Mac

    Astro MixAmp Pro TR Play 4/Mac

    The MixAmp Pro TR for PlayStation 4 and PC delivers pro quality audio with clarity and allows precision control over noise gate, sidetone, Game:Voice Balance and customizable EQ Settings. Tuned for...

  • Brio 4K Pro Webcam

    Brio 4K Pro Webcam

    Brio 4K Pro Webcam (Brown Box Packaging) - BRIO's 4K image sensor is a next-generation powerhouse that enables 5X digital zoom and multiple resolutions to optimally support any computer/network...

  • C920e HD 1080p webcam

    C920e HD 1080p webcam

    C920e is a budget-friendly, work-from-anywhere webcam that delivers HD video meetings that look and sound better than most laptop built-ins. With a 78 fixed field of view, the C920e webcam displays...

  • Cat5e Kit for Logitech Tap

    Cat5e Kit for Logitech Tap

    Logitech 952-000019 Cat5e Kit for Logitech Tap - Includes all cabling, power supply, and adapters to connect Logitech Tap to a meeting room computer Standard Cat5e cabling supplies USB data and power...

  • Conference Cam BCC950

    Conference Cam BCC950

    NOT RETAIL BOX -- All-in-one design combines HD video with high-quality audio clarity. Omni-directional sound and echo cancellation audio. Remote control and base button control options. 1080p HD and...

  • ConferenceCam Connect

    ConferenceCam Connect

    Logitech ConferenceCam Connect is a portable, all-in-one videoconference solution with HD 1080p video, professional audio, and multi-device connectivity for small group.

  • Group 15M Extender Cable

    Group 15M Extender Cable

    Easily customize and streamline your conference room set-up with the GROUP 15m Extended Cable, a single DIN cable that replaces the 5m cable included with Logitech GROUP.

  • LG RM Tap RallyPlus NUC MSTmRm

    LG RM Tap RallyPlus NUC MSTmRm

    BUNDLE TAPRALMSTINT= 939001950 + 994000082 + 939001825 + 960001225 + 939001644 + 939001647 + MSTLOGNUC11TNKI Logitech Tap with Cat5e Kit + Logitech Jumpstart + Tap PC Mount + Rally Plus + Rally...