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In addition to the features below, this device comes with access to an enterprise ready device management platform that allows you to manage up to hundreds of air purification devices. Aura s control panel can be embedded in every BMS or act as one. Manage dozens of units at once with ease, and control each and every aspect of your indoor air quality. You can also set your own rules to automate the devices' actions, save energy and costs. Aura Air is an Israel-based startup creating cutting-edge air quality solutions who believe the act of breathing should be as nature intended: Clean, pure and simple. It is the professional pure air producer for home and offices, capturing and destroying 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, VOCs and allergens. With Aura Air s easy plug and play set-up, you ll quickly be on your way to start monitoring your air quality immediately. In addition to monitoring, cleaning and purifying the air, Aura Air also functions as a carbon monoxide and smoke detector unit. When hazards are detected, Aura alerts you immediately, providing crucial intelligence as to the origin of the problem, solutions of how to rectify it, and alarms if immediate action or evacuation is required. The Aura App can be used on any smart device and is smart-home enabled, so you can use it with Google Home and Amazon Alexa. You ll be able to tell the Aura Air is working in your home by checking the air quality index levels of your home in real-time using the Aura Air platform. Aura s unique air quality assistant will also provide recommendation on ways to improve the air quality in your home.

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