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Better 4K AV-over-IP extension, switching, and video walls. HDMI 4K video over IP. This attractively priced IP video distribution solution uses existing standards-based Ethernet technology and TCP/IP protocols to unicast HDMI 4K video signals on your Gigabit Ethernet network. In a multicast configuration one transmitter can drive multiple receivers with no extra network load. 4K means better video The MediaCento IPX 4K supports full 4K UHD for the best pictures ever. To ensure the video is also being displayed on 1080p displays the unit supports 4K to 1080p downscaling. Better audio analog and digital This MediaCento system supports embedded digital HDMI audio with surround sound plus analog audio embedding and extraction so you can include analog audio input from DVI sources and route audio signals to a separate amplifier. Plug-and-play setup Because the transmitter and receiver install directly into your existing LAN infrastructure integration is easy. And you don't have to configure any IP settings. Connect your source your display a network switch and you're ready to go. PoE support for remote powering The MediaCento IPX 4K is PoE powered eliminating the need for power supplies. Using a PoE network switch completely eliminates the need for external power supplies making installation easier. USB support The MediaCento IPX 4K is great for use with touchscreen signage applications. It can also extend USB signals for devices such as keyboards and mice for KVM management of a remote workstation. Signals that go for miles The MediaCento IPX 4K Unicast system transmits up to 328 feet (100 m) point to point but goes even further with a network switch added to the mix. Transmit over CATx cable or single-mode fiber cable. Compatible SFPs include LFP411 LFP312 LFP413 LFP414 and LFP418. Supports serial connections to switch screens on/off The MediaCento IPX 4K system supports RS-232 for configuration and control and for extending bidirectional control signals. Optimal PC-to-screen performance MediaCento features EDID copy function and is HDCP 2.2-compliant. Digital signage and video wall applications. Hospitality, Bars/restaurants, Retail Venues/events, Corporate multi-room solutions. MediaCento IPX 4K is also great for Touchscreen applications using the iCOMPEL Digital Signage system. Basic KVM applications such as extending signals for monitors touchscreens speakers keyboards mice and other USB 2.0 devices. Streaming video to classrooms in schools. Corporate video sharing and training. Sharing video in command and control room setup.