4Channel Mini VGA Splitter

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Extend VGA video signals to four monitors over CAT5 UTP. Send VGA video signals over CAT5 UTP to four monitors with the 4-Channel Mini CAT5 VGA Splitter/Extender Transmitter. It splits and extends video across four channels to four remote displays. For each remote display order a separate Mini CAT5 Splitter/Extender VGA Receiver (AC602A) or Mini CAT5 VGA Extender Receiver in Wallplate (AC504A-WP-R). In most setups the 4-Channel Mini CAT5 Splitter/Extender and receiver combo requires a power supply at the transmitter end only to power a link to all connected receivers. (However for CAT5 runs of more than 300 feet the receivers require their own power supply.) The transmitter amplifies the signal for clean and crisp transmission and differential signaling eliminates ground loops and noise. In the transmission there's little or no degradation of video quality and the 4-Channel Mini CAT5 Splitter/Extender handles resolutions up to 1600 x 1200 at any refresh rate. It works with VGA SVGA XGA and UXGA video. You can also transport the 4-Channel Mini CAT5 Splitter/Extender and install it with ease. Rugged and reliable the extender unit features a compact plastic enclosure that can withstand the daily grind and frequent cable changes.